Sananda on the SECOND COMING

April 2006

(updated on a daily basis)

25th April: There is a group of medical specialists here on the Capricorn who will be coming to Earth to help in restoring health to as many as request their services. This will be their mission to Earth. There are, as I understand, similar groups aboard other starships that are assigned to other parts of the world. The healing of the sick and lame will be the work and the benefit of the landings of shuttles from the several starships that are currently assigned to help Mother Earth and its inhabitants.
There can be a great deal of help that can be given to church missionaries and to various other members of the church. They can help to find those that need special health care and refer those to the healing aliens. That will be or can be a great humanitarian service, provided that it is done without respect to whether a person is a member of the church or not.

24th April: You will note that there is telepathic communication among the aliens and even back to hundreds of light years to others in some part of the galaxy. And yet even with these great distances, there is communication. The speed with which telepathy works is far, far in excess of the speed of light. That will be one of the notable discoveries of the study of telepathy that will surely begin soon after the arrival of the aliens who should soon be able to have their show-and-go landings and then later be among you.

It will become well known that the aliens communicate telepathically. Then there will be a huge increase in the study of telepathy. Soon, I believe, there will be the study of telepathy in schools and universities. That will be a great day for all mankind, for the use of telepathy will indeed greatly help in the communication with and the understanding of telepathy as used by the aliens, almost exclusively for their communication purposes.

18th April: I need to have you be my messenger after I go to Jerusalem. There are terrible events going on with killings and bombings and even self mutilation among the Palestinians and the Jews. That is a challenge for me to bring about peace, harmony, and even mutual love or, at least, mutual respect between those two groups. It must be understood that all are God's children and that there has never been plans that they should wage death and destruction on each other. And, as you have been told, there will be peace declared in all parts of the world as rapidly as we can make ourselves heard and with the help of other ancient leaders, peace will come and be taught and implemented in many parts of the world.

Then with world-wide peace coupled with the great wealth that has been obtained by many of the investors in North America, there will gradually be prosperity throughout the world. To you, the restoration of your government back to its proper constitutional ways will be of great benefit to your country and then to the world. You have much to do to restore the world's faith in America and much more to become again a beacon unto all freedom-loving peoples of the world.

14th April: We are pleased that the final distribution of the bank documents is finally continuing and will, or at least should, culminate today. It has been a long time for that important stage to be achieved that has been holding up the landing of our Capricorn shuttles. Therefore it is now expected that there will be an announcement this weekend from the government, probably of the new currency, and then the restoration of constitutional government that you have not had since the 1930s. That will be great news for many of you and a dramatic change for most who have not been following the information that you have been receiving.

The many church leaders who have so many different so-called 'Christian' churches will be most surprised to have a message [from Me] directly to each of them. The end result will be a great alignment of the preaching of new Gospel principles. Some will greatly rejoice in my messages to them. The concept that I have arrived and will soon be on Earth in the flesh is of course a momentous time for all church leaders. Some will respond very favorably to these new events and some new doctrines to be preached to their congregations.

13th April: There is considerable consternation this morning in your nation's capitol. There are those who are still fighting, in any way that they can, the final delivery of the bank documents, which is the last barrier to the resignations of the president and vice-president. That will be a noteworthy day when the announcement of the resignations (signed many months ago) are finally made public. Then there will be good news for all of us. For me, it will mean that I can come and communicate freely with the many leaders of my churches and bring to them some new gospel doctrine that should be taught to their adherents. There will be some [of my church leaders] who will fail to listen to and not believe that it is I who is talking to them. That will be to their detriment as they will no longer have my spirit to be with them in any fashion and their membership will diminish.

11th April: We wanted to advise you of a pending event coming from the oval office. There is talk of a new tactic to try to deter events from happening this week.

We wish to advise you all that this is only a fear tactic and there is nothing to be alarmed about. They are discussing the possibility of a nuclear war threat from Iran. Know that this is not a possibility and you have nothing to fear.

We ask that you send this information to your group so as to alert as many as possible in case these lies make it to the media. Your leaders know their demise is near and they are desperate. We will not allow any of these tactics to dissuade us any longer, for we have already won.

Know that soon the light of victory will sweep over your nation with great force and no more will this manipulative dictatorship have control over your sovereignty. You are the new leaders and you shall see this administration to an end before the month is out. I AM Sananda Immanuel.

8th April: We are observing very recent consternation by way of the government decisions to keep your American troops in Iraq. This could mean the beginning of an uprising of the people. Those of you who have family in the war or have suffered loss due to the war are prime candidates to initiate a rising up against your leaders. Change happens in great numbers and if you could observe what we do, from our perspective you have already won the battle so to speak. You have all risen up against all odds to procure truth and have succeeded. We say this to you to assure you that now is the time to march forward and take back the control of your country. You can move forward in confidence now as the leaders of your nation are so shaken that they will crumble at the mere threat of anarchy.

Do you see now that you actually ARE in power? You have the upper hand now and it is up to you to use it. Gather your peers and march for freedom. Call on your brothers and sisters of faith and take down any remaining obstacles to your sovereignty. It is up to you to prevail against tyranny and to abolish the laws made from lies. Your rights as citizens are far more superior to the rights of your leaders. They are outnumbered by those in the Light and know this. Their weaknesses have been exposed and they are expecting their own demise. It is up to you to carry the legions of Lightworkers to the fore and apprehend your corrupt leaders and allow no untruth to rule over you again.

We say this to you with urgency, we call to you now to stand tall and proud, you are the warriors of the new ways. Your fiery determination to do what's right is unstoppable for it is written in your coding. You, who have surpassed the ignorance of Man have a responsibility now to put action where your knowledge wanes and to take your first step forward armed with the truth. It is up to you to awaken humanity and deep down you know your role in this. We ask of you not to force your ideas unto others with words, but to take your part in the plan now with action. Your action will determine the strength of your will and we see your will as honorable.

What can you do, you ask? We have said to gather in numbers for your strength increases with each new member of truth. Use this power and strength of numbers to raise the morale so high that you are an army of will. This army of Light can take on thousands even millions in the dark. Your displays of truth will inspire those of indecision to finally get off of the proverbial fence. It will give the warriors of Light a foundation to work from and a home base to energize. This mentality is not a foreign concept, it is the same work of those who fight for your country in ignorance. Those souls who know not of the corruption they face will to do the will of their superiors, for the sake of your supposed freedom.

You who gather in the Light need no superiors, only the group power of intention. This is where freedom reigns, in the individual's choice to gather for the purpose of change, not he who is forced to do the will of another. This is how change happens, when two or more of you gather in the name of God. We have stated many times that this power supercedes all others and that is how your freedom will be returned, when you take it back. Now is not the time to meander, now is the time to choose and to act. My dear brothers and sisters we urge you to gather in the streets, in the alleyways, on the countryside and in the valleys, in the Capitol and in every community now. We urge you to make your voices heard and to shout it from the mountain tops.

Organize these groups in sects and allow for all to join. Advertise your intent to take your freedom back with protests and show no mercy on your leaders until they succumb to your power. It is truly up to you to gain the attention of the media and give a voice to the silent ones who know truth. This time of great upheaval must begin with your strength of will but you will see that many will become your followers if they know you will lead them to the truth. This is the time and you are all prepared. We can only support your efforts but you must maintain the integrity of your will.

The waiting is over, now you march. For those who have long awaited the outcome, we say wait no more. Waiting does not initiate change, change is a choice, an active choice. And choice is freedom, SO choose to act now, act the will of God for ultimately you are the will of God. As you take this next step to your inevitable freedom, know that many march with you in the unseen. We are before you, with you and ultimately behind you all the way. We have done much to prepare you for this time in your evolution, now it is the time of your choosing. SO what will you choose? Will you choose complacency as so many have done before you? Will you choose world dominance and corruption by passive participation? Will you empower those to control with ill intentions? Or will you gather in millions and make demands? Will you allow for no unjust law to be placed before you? Will you allow your rights to be restored and live freely in abundance? The choice is yours, you can make the choice to set yourselves free. I stand before you in great anticipation of your power, knowing your true capabilities.

You who read this know the truth of why you came and you will soon share this truth with all who will listen. Be not bashful of this truth, you will be amazed at how many are waiting for you to stand up. Your supporters are vast and when you stand, they will flock to you like sheep in a herd. Forward you will march and fearlessly you will command your honor. Be not afraid, for there is only fear in the ignorance of dark, never in the light of truth.
I Am Sananda Immanuel.

7th April: I wish to tell you of some upcoming events in your world today. It seems from various sources that things are well underway in your physical realm. We observe so many truths emerging on many different levels and now it is our intention to begin to inform those of the Light of how the next stages in your plan will manifest according to the current energy. If you listen closely to the sound of your heart, you will all realize that the time is very near. This may manifest almost as feelings of anxiousness and impetuous behaviors. Do not be dismayed by these energies, they are simply the remaining vestiges of your ego's control. Your ego is perceiving all of the changes as something to be feared when, in truth, it fears losing itself in the process of awakening. This is not the case, in fact the ego will suddenly become useful for many of you who choose to use it as a tool of the mind, a great tool of reason.

You all will soon be faced with many opportunities to be of service to your world, and they will be in the smallest and largest ways depending on your choosing. If you are one who actively participates in the process then you will most likely have an active part post-change as well. Similarly, if you currently hold a passive role in all of this then your role will likely be a passive one. Neither is more important or worthy, as all of you are designed to reach different personality types in times of great need.

We have spoken to many about the likelihood of turmoil in the coming moments, we wish to reiterate that the time of upheaval as it will be presented to you on earth is in actuality a time of great spiritual shifting. Similar to how in moments of your own personal ascension process you are often faced with your greatest fears which arise in turmoil, only to eventually be seen for what they actually are - illusion. Treat this coming process the same, with detachment. You will undoubtedly encounter many challenges in the upcoming times and those challenges should be faced with a centered and grounded nature. Take to those who need you with a firm presence, assuring them all that they are safe with your awareness. Now is not the time for chivalry nor pride, it is a time to come together and unite. All of you who have worked so diligently for this time in your lives are headed for the finest victory of the ages. Now you can share this victory with all as heaven and earth begin to merge.

Note that the upcoming times warrant great personal power, for each of you will be imparting your knowledge on many. This is why we say to you that you will determine how this plays out. Ultimately, it will be up to each individual to decide their path, but they will have ample opportunities, with your assistance, to choose the best path for their soul's journey.

Take a moment to realize the impact that a few kind words can have on a fearful soul. Prepare in your hearts, minds and even in your dialogue how you will present this information to those who call on you. Know that you may feel pressure to deliver this information adequately so we recommend preparing yourselves so as to be most effective and wide reaching. This is the moment for you to shine, to show your brothers and sisters all that you have been working so hard for in silence. This is the moment of redemption for your service to God. In this moment of seeming crisis, you who have truth will finally feel peace, you will be saved from the ensuing drama and will be delivered from evil. No more waiting in the shadows, as each of you will step to the forefront of your communities, countries, and eventually the world.

In your new roles you will be supported by the forces of Light and never again shall you be shunned for your truth. You will prevail as the warriors, teacher, wayshowers and prophets of the new era. You will enjoy the peace and salvation of resurrection in the Light of all that is. You will be deemed respectable amongst your peers and society will adorn your ways of wisdom. Be certain to accept all that is bestowed upon each of you with grace, for you will be coming to terms with your true powers and this is not something to take lightly.

Your powers will be what leads your world to its final destination and each of you are gifted with abilities beyond your current comprehension. As you come to terms with your true talents, you will be in a position to assist as never before. Many will look to you as examples of the new ways and you will be inspirational to many. This was decided by you before incarnation and based on your spiritual advancement in this and many lifetimes. Now you will bring into harmony all that you came here to be.

We say to you, use your gifts and share your wisdom for the betterment of mankind and Mother Earth. Take part in the adventures of your soul and you will forever feel fulfilled. In this final act when the curtain is drawn, you will all come forth for recognition of your hard work behind the scenes. Then, you who staged the performances of the past will become the leading roles in the new theatrical performances of the future, a future in paradise. I Am Sananda Immanuel.

6th April: (2) There are several of your friend Helen's students who are trying and, in several cases, succeeding, in contacting me and exchanging information with me. As you may understand, I am delighted to be in communication with any who have developed that telepathic ability.

I greatly look forward to the time when many of my church leaders will have the ability to communicate with me, listen to my words, and teach the concepts that I have for them to the members of their various churches. You sustain your religious leaders as prophets, seers, and revelators, and yet at the present time (and for the past several decades) there are none among them who are telepathically capable to receive my words. It will be an excellent change, soon to happen, when some of my church leaders of your church become skilled in telepathy so that they can receive more than just my inspiration but that they can receive my words and act accordingly.

Your church leaders have been very good about handling some of the inspiration which has been given to them. The development of the wonderful Church Welfare Program has been inspired and acted upon. The end result has been the accumulation of welfare services that have provided many tons of supplies for many people who have suffered from wind, water, and earthquakes. It is pleasing unto me that this church, that you attend, has emerged as the world's foremost organization to provide succor to those in serious needs. That is a great program and acting under inspiration, it is expected by me, that this Welfare program will grow and develop further.

It appears that all is in readiness for the completion of the delivery of the bank documents. Unless there is another, as yet unknown effort from the current government leaders, the fund will be distributed this week.

6th April (1): We are in observation of great turmoil this day over certain parts of your country. It seems the turmoil is leading to the culmination of events in your governing body.

We know the stress of living in the 3D world and we can sympathize with the daily struggles of just being human. We assure you that we do not take lightly the circumstances which you are presented with each day. To simply coexist with each other is an impossibility at this point and we look forward to the change in these times. We are aware of some disturbing facts pertaining to your government leaders and soon you all will be dismayed at the information that is to come before you. The wrongdoing of so many in secrecy will astound most of you. People with whom you've placed your trust have all but annihilated your wellbeing as sovereign citizens. Now is the time of rising up and now is the time to be fed from the hand of God. We will provide you with what you need to live comfortably again. We are here to offer you resources and technology that will lift you out of the darkness with great speed. You have nothing to fear in these coming changes for they will finally allow each of you to rest and breathe. So many of you have been working tirelessly for the ascension of Mother Earth and of yourselves. You who have worked for many years shall finally reside in a place of comfort. You have all strived for goals that to many seem unattainable and you all are applauded on this side for your tireless determination to make positive change in your own lives and in your communities. We could not have accomplished even half of our plans without your selfless service to God.

We are preparing for much to occur in the next moments in your time. This fact alone should begin to prepare you for what's to come. We have many willing participants of Light who will assist us to see this through as a smooth transition. We ask of you to only be alert and full of joy for this major undertaking. The many things that have been tended to, to ensure the success of this mission are beyond your scope of understanding. We cannot put into words the enormity of all that is required to manifest. Please be sure to allow time for gratitude for your brothers and sisters of Light who devote their entire life plan to serving yours. We are grateful to their service and their gifts delight us. Now is the time for many to become one, to see the light of God in your neighbors and even your enemy.

As these changes begin to take form in the physical you will all be aware of the many plans to bring this new reality. You will harbor no ill will for you will realize that each of you has a role to play, a role that makes up the whole. With this respect for one another, violence will begin to diminish in your world. You will have no need to destroy life on earth in order to protect your own because you will all be safe and provided for. This concept is a foreign one, and we mean no pun here.

Fragmented foreign relations is something that will cease to exist in the future, your nation's lines will be blurred as you merge to become one. Imagine a life where your resources, wisdom, talent, and love are freely shared. Imagine how full life can be when all brothers and sisters under God unite. Together your lives can be blissful. Sharing and caring for one another on the deepest levels is who you are in truth. This truth will manifest freely in your new world and you will all enjoy the many cultural offerings to one another. How limited your lives are now. These limitations force you into insular societies where dominance reigns over another. This comes in many forms; religion, race, government, etc. All of these segregations have no purpose now, as they only serve to divide. This division keeps man ignorant and without the freedom to choose. As you break free from these organizations of limited scope you will begin to trust in yourself as a divine being and allow for yourself to condemn no other for their choosing. You will open yourself up for many rich opportunities that will fill the voids and halt your ceaseless searching.

The open nature and love of another human is what will mend your woes, partly because you mirror one another and partly because you long to be united with all that is. Soon the opportunities to satiate this longing will be before you and you will choose how to serve this perceived lack. You can try to fill the void in the ways that you are accustomed to, externally, or you can venture out in faith and learn about your fellow man and ultimately know of yourselves.

Great times are ahead and we assure you that all that you have waited for will greet you with joy and peace as we have long promised. Now is the time, my brothers and sisters, to gather yourselves together and embrace the magnitude of what lies before you. Really think it through and allow yourself, without fear, to explore the many options that you will have to make this world a better place. We need each and every one of you and you all have a divine purpose for being here. Note that this time of incarnation is a gift, a special time in your lives and in the history of your earth. Feel the joy of choosing this option for your soul growth and feel the love that is coming to you from so many around the universe. We are in great anticipation of your arrival and we greet you all with open arms. I AM Sananda Immanuel.

Sananda then introduced Mother Mary, whose message can be found at Words of Wisdom.

4th April: There are developments going on that will soon culminate in my speaking to some of the leaders of Christian churches. Our friend Helen will, of course, be here to help and you will have your task of contacting those church leaders and informing them of my desire to provide them with a telepathic message prior to my coming to be among them in the flesh. My time among any of you, in the flesh, will be a relatively short time as I will then soon be on my way to Jerusalem to fulfill the prophecies made many years ago of My Second Coming.

3rd April: You will be pleased with the happenings this week. The bank documents will be delivered to the recipients and there will very likely be an announcement of the new currency that will be released by the government. These are final days in the changeover to return to the old constitutional government.

There will be a great deal of new information that will soon be made available to everyone. There will be great surprises to most Americans when they learn that they have been improperly governed for so many years. There will be a great deal of anger at the nation's leaders. However, such anger will soon be dissipated and many will be looking forward to a new currency and a new order in their government.

New elections will be soon declared and all members of Congress will stand for re-election as will the president and vice president. There is much to be grateful for in this return to Constitutional government. There will be many who will oppose such a return to better government, however, that will soon be alleviated due to the benefits that will accrue to many, especially when there is an announcement of funding to be paid out to each family for a time. Then there can be a plentitude of funds for all while the changeover to constitutional government is restored and new Congressmen are elected and take office.

These are the great times that have been long promised to you. You will be delighted with the opportunities that you will have to increase your lab efforts and help with the great changes that are coming in the way the world uses and distributes energy. There will soon begin to be an end to the adding of new power lines. Space energy will be tapped and provided by equipment available to each home. There will be a great reduction in pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Then there will be the gradual reduction in atmospheric pollution and a slow return of some of the sensitive plants and animals that, in some case, have been almost made extinct by the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Let all of your contacts know of the coming changes. Be sure that this message is properly distributed. This will be a week for great events to occur and you and your friends should be aware of these changes. Soon, I expect, we shall be communicating with the various church leaders. Get your letters ready to send as soon as you can.

2nd April: We are anticipating some very good news for you this day: news that will back up and support our claims.

We are ready now to embark upon this journey with all of you and hope that together we can help the great mother to cleanse and ascend. She is not in good shape as you know, and it will take legions of Light Beings to restore her to her original condition, that of Paradise.

The earth was originally designed to be the template for other societies to learn from. We have lost touch with the original imprint over time due to layers upon layers of destructive thought patterns and negativity. The fall of man was once described as the beginning of the end. Now we say that the enlightenment of earth's inhabitants shall be the beginning of the end, the end times that is. These end times are in line with many prophecies in various religious organizations and cultures of spirituality. Knowing that these times are in fact upon you is especially noteworthy for that entails a broad and open mind of awareness.

If you are one of those who comprehend truth, then you are well on your way to co-creatorship with the One. You have all endured various journeys in search of the Light, the Light which until now was indefinable for most. As you pursue your life's calling, you will undoubtedly be connected to the Light of all that is, for this Light is the same Light that illumines your sense of purpose and wellbeing, balance and peace. When you encounter all that has been bestowed upon you in truth, you will reside in a place of pure joy, the joy of being. This is why we say to you that to be at peace with the world as it is, you must find peace within yourself as you are.

This is no simple feat, for finding peace within your turbulent sea of uncontrollable and influenced thought systems can be futile. At this time we are asking you to take notice of all thoughts that are not aligned with your being and release them to the Light for transmutation. To be successful in the upcoming times you will all benefit from being free of unworthy thoughts. These thoughts can actually derail you and send you reeling with the intensity of energy that is surrounding your planet at this time.

As Mother Earth finds her way to the higher realms, so too will you be in a space of true creation if you so choose. This space of creation holds great responsibility for you will ultimately be in control of your destinies. We cannot overemphasize this point, that to be a co-creator means taking responsibility for every thought, good or bad as you perceive presently in polarity. As you recognize and transmute these lower thought forms you will find yourselves more and more at peace. Ultimately the only things that hold you back from true peace are your perceptions which are precipitated by these negative thought filters. So we say to you, release these thoughts now, for they no longer serve you. Thoughts of fear and inadequacy are the most damaging to you and your environment. Lose the addiction to fear and you will lose the repercussions to it, which are vast.

Fear will not serve you well in the coming times for you will be feeling much more intensity of emotion. This means that you will know love on much deeper levels, but you will also know pain on deeper levels if your fears are not lifted. Be diligent in these next moments of your time-based reality to let go of ALL that does not serve you now. This release is imperative to walk into the dawn of a new age. Though this is new to all of you in your state of limited reality, the process of awakening to truth is one you have undergone many times. Be not afraid, let go in faith, and trust that the support of heaven is with you always. We are guiding you to your personal and collective awareness of who you truly are. Blessed be, I AM Sananda Immanuel.

1st April: We have been uncommunicative with you all to avoid any slip ups with the program. I will tell you that the money has been delivered. The papers are in hand. The Federal Reserve is on notice, and the bourse is getting ready to open. This has not been publicized and, in fact, the media information has been quite the contrary. The government is hauling out rosy stories of the strength of your nation's economy, when in fact it is teetering on the brink of destruction and they know it. They have their money stashed away and they don't worry about yours.

The timetable is still in effect. The Universe is changing and Earth is part of that change. The reason for the lack of intervention has been to allow you to have a direct involvement with the decisions yourself. This has been a difficult case to present since you are coming at it with a blank perception of what is involved. We have had to instruct you in piecemeal fashion and shore up each new bit of evidence to construct an airtight case you will accept and act upon.

April is the time for change. We have led you up to this point of inevitability. The energies of the Universe will change all for the betterment of mankind. This cannot be stopped, and you are now prepared for this onslaught. The chaos that will occur in the government shift is nothing like the intellectual and spiritual re-aligning that must happen. Everything you have based your concepts on, as a whole society, are wrong. The opposite is more nearly correct than a simple amended version. This revelation will cause more societal chaos that the removal of George Bush and company.

I have a few things to say for the public. This is a time when you should be looking forward to change. Ignore the appearance of activities that seem horrible or more powerful than your own ability to control your destiny. You have created these images as a means of dealing with the scenario you are working in. They allow you to avoid the responsibility for the difficulties by shifting the blame to someone else.

Everything is your own personal responsibility. You have come onto this Earth with your own particular agenda to work through and your have all created the environment you needed to carry out your mission. You must awake to that fact and take responsibility for your own life. Nothing happens but what you allow to happen to you. Any power that seems over you is one that you have given your own strength to for the purpose of experiencing victimhood. This no longer serves a purpose. You must all acknowledge your individual power as co-creator with God - however you define God. You are all a part of the Creator Source and you each have a role you are playing out to give him - God - the experience of this set of plot elements. This is been your magnificent task here, and you have done wonderfully as you worked through this maze blindly.

This is very much like Harry Potter. Once you seize the victory cup, you will be transported to a new realm - only this one is all beauty and light, not the return of Valdemort and the Deatheaters. We have guided you along - yes - but you have made the decisions as to which direction to turn. We have watched over you as you have experimented with all the paths that have seemed right to you at the time. Now is the time to seize the victory cup and be the wizards and creators you all are.

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