Sananda on the SECOND COMING

May 2006

(updated on a daily basis - when there is NEW information))

25th May: It will not be long now before I shall be with you in the spirit when the first landing of the Capricorn's shuttle comes to your valley on its initial show-and-go trip. Then we will be able to communicate better, even though I will be in the spirit. There is some advantages in communication when there can be a proximity of persons who are communicating. That is not to mean that normal telepathy cannot be used over very long distance. As you know, there are those who are communicating with others in this galaxy and there does not appear to them to be any transmission delays in sending and receiving telepathic messages.

..... It will be especially important to use these new-energy devices in automobiles and trucks so that there is a reduction in the exhaust emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

22nd May: These are momentous times that we shall enjoy as the culmination of many proper teachings over many generations of man.

I shall be with you for a season, then I shall go to Jerusalem and strive to again bring about a culmination of peace and tranquility and general acceptance of the reality of My Second Coming and the peace and tranquility that it is meant to bring to much of the world. There will be other ancient religious leaders who will be returning also and together, we expect to be able to fill the Earth with peace and bring about much good in many parts of the world.

The church will have the opportunity to help bring about much good to the world. There are vast areas of hunger and pestilence that need to be addressed. There are those in power in some areas who are intent on killing other human beings. We shall be here to bring peace to the world and then to usher in a new dispensation for the entire earth and its peoples - a dispensation of peace and tranquility where all mankind will benefit.

Your country (USA) will have many thousands of 'investors' who will be receiving many billions of dollars. There will be many who will want to help others who are less fortunate and who will need to have the basic food, clothing, and shelter to make life more pleasant for them and their families. Their health will also need to be considered. There will be many among you who will be able to be the source of funds that will help many others in various parts of the world. The Mormon church in particular is destined to continue the great work of helping to provide food, clothing, and shelter to many peoples in many parts of the world. Africa, especially, will need help in becoming again a continent of peaceful nations. There will be much to be done to help make this possible.

5th May: This will be an historic day for you and your country. There is planned to be a special announcement from your government tonight. We are not sure of what will be broadcast, however, it may be the resignation of your president or it may be the announcement of the Rainbow currency, or both. At any rate, it will be a memorable day if all goes as planned following the completion of the distribution of the prosperity funds that has been on going this week.

There will soon be the landing of the space shuttle in your valley, now that the government has changed, if that is the message tonight. However, it does appear that events are progressing so that there will be a culmination of events that will allow for the landing and fly-overs of our shuttles.

There is much to be done in order for us to help clean up Mother Earth's atmosphere. In addition, there is much to be done to get my messages out to the many leaders of My Christian Churches. That is the most important task that I shall have to do soon after the first landings.

On the Advent of a New World

3rd May 2006: It is the Light of many as we share the emanation of purity and essence of source. We gather in numbers this day to celebrate the victory of a new era. We come in droves to unify the peacekeepers of your world and we celebrate the advent of the new world. Blessed be those who come in the name of the Light and blessed be the crumbling paradigm before you now. As we celebrate the union of heaven and earth it is apparent to us that we are in for a bumpy ride as your cabal still refuses to let go of tyrannical control. This is not alarming in the sense that we will not succeed, only more tumultuous, and especially for those who will choose not to rectify their wrongdoings. We plead with them to release their dominion for the sake of all, yet they resist. Fret not, for these tumultuous times are ones that we are duly prepared for and we take no prisoners in our attempts to thwart evil.

This coming entrance to a new cycle in your Earth's history is heralded by the many on and off Earth who work toward a common purpose. This Light of the masses guarantees our victory and we shall inherit justice. Prepare yourselves by taking a good look at your individual lives on this earth. Are you truly prepared for the changes that will soon commence? Are you in a position of careful and planned resolve for future chaos? We would encourage all of you to take heed for the countdown is upon you now. There is coming a mass movement of unprecedented scope and we suggest a plan of preparation for those who are aware. This may mean different things to different people, however it seems fitting that now is the time to begin your planning. Preparing yourselves first is the most important step for you will be very busy when the lid blows. You would benefit by securing yourselves in a firm position of truth so as to not be disheartened by upcoming fears of those who are unaware.

This time of exaltation will be a well deserved honor and a moment in your lifetime that you will not forget. As you reap the rewards of holding and spreading truth around, you will undoubtedly be in your joy. The ecstasy of freedom is unparalleled by most experiences and you will truly be free. Free to be who you are in truth as it was meant to be. The truth of who you are is just the right formula for change. It is the formula of much thought and planned theories of outcome for your successful missions whilst upon the earth. Do not underestimate your specially wired vessels for you chose the exact blueprint and DNA for your very special purpose in this incarnation. And you chose well for the Light of God to inhabit this vessel and purify each and every cell of your makeup.

When the Light of God is fully immersed in you, you are free. This is the goal of ascension for each of you and for Mother Earth. As you increase your awareness and vibration, so too do you increase the actual amount of Light to be inhabited within. Use this Light now to illuminate others and spread the truth like a flame on arid land roaring and destroying all that is not of the highest good for all. Then it will be your land to repair and restore to paradise. It is your land to freely roam the countrysides and it is your land to raise the new generations of beings from the lighted realms. You who choose to stay on Earth will be rewarded beyond compare. Likewise, those who choose to leave the Earth will be rewarded with accolades and spiritual advancement light years beyond your present understanding. If you so choose to return to Earth in your next lifetime, it is there that you will be greeted with a life of ease for your future learnings through experience. No one will go unnoticed for their immense sacrifices in this life, and no one will be left to wonder the purpose of it all. All shall be revealed to you in due time and even you who know truth will be amazed at the uncovering of so many lies.

The time before you is truly a remarkable one, one that we cannot express through language. It will take the experience of living through a time like this to fully grasp the enormity of what is to come. This is why we ask you to affirm to yourselves your truth and guard it with firm intent. Your truth is all you have when the proverbial rug is pulled out from under you. Your faith in the outcome will be a strong asset to you and to others and you will remain the pillars of truth until the way is made for all. This was your soul contract and while you knew it would be an uphill battle, you also knew that you were equipped for the role. You are the pillars upon which the new world will build their foundations, an elevated foundation of the higher ways. Many will join you in this quest and you will notice shortly that the weight of truth becomes much lighter when you have so many to share the burden. Eventually, when enough people have joined you in truth you will feel no weight at all and together you will build upon this foundation to create new lands.

We are delighted at the integrity of this special group of souls and we celebrate this victory with you all. You now have experiential evidence of your mastership, one that cannot be lost. The advantages of your toil are many and your growth and wisdom are the tell-tale signs. As you change your robes of color, many will be drawn to you for counsel. Wear these robes proudly and command love of yourself as you remember your sacrifices for a better world. This is how we see you now, already in celebration of who you truly are. You are no longer my children, for you have grown into your full expressions of self. You are all masters now. Go in peace to prepare yourselves for the great shift of the Ages.
I Am Sananda Immanuel.

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