"English coffeehouses of the 17th and 18th Century have been the subject of a voluminous literature because of their remarkable role in facilitating public debate on the issues of scientific experimentation, constitutional principals, and religion, as well as serving as a forum for leisure, the conduct of business, and the proliferation of newspapers." (Willis,"European Consumption and Asian Production," 133.)9

The earliest coffeehouses were in Istanbul, Vienna and London, and acted as a meeting place for musicians, composers, writers, actors, critics and philosophers, including 'reactionaries'. They also became instruments of great social reform.

Several Business Plans for coffeehouses were created over the last decade. Here is an insight into several planned locations for such an establishment. The most detail is given under "Café Vienna" and the statements made here apply to all other coffeehouses

Originally intended for a location in Vancouver BC on Denman Street, which proved questionable after a personal visit, then on Robson Street, the website was located at - but has been lost, although a record of the actual Business Plan has been kept (2000 - 2001).

This was the first real in-depth study of coffee, including consultation with wellknown coffee consultants. The first planned location (2002) was just one block from the Cruise Terminal and was named the Howe Project, being on the corner of Howe and Cordova. It was abandoned when the "9-11" disaster destroyed much of the industry in late 2003.
The original website was published at and was profusely illustrated with photographs taken in Vienna in 1998.

Only the hard copy of the Business Plan remains - website lost

CAFÉ VIENNA - 2nd location
only the hard copy of the Business Plan remains. No separate website was created as it was based on the Café Vienna project.

The location for this venture was to be within the Sandman Inn on Georgia and Cambie, but the premises were found to be too small and nowhere near the official measurements given. As a majority of the regular clientele were expected to be of Ukrainian heritage, the name used was that of a famouus Odessan. The original website was at

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