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UPDATE January 2011

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DUNKIRK II - The Evacuation of Manhattan

What the rest of the world knows is hidden from American eyes:

  1. Osama Bin Laden was a close friend of the Bush family. The day after 9/11, when ALL aircraft were grounded throughout the United States, two military planes criss-crossed the country, picking up members of the Bin Laden family and taking them to safety in the Middle East.
  2. The FBI admitted that they had concocted the story about the existence of "Al-Qaeda", but the press still reports it today as the world's major terrorism organisation (not 'The Mossad') and brain-washed individuals admit to belonging to it
  3. The Twin Towers were demolished from inside by a company called 'Demolition Unlimited Inc' who were also given the contract (without public tender) to clean up afterwards, in order to keep the whole thing secret. It didn't work. The news got out to the rest of the world - but not to most of the American people.

    The Oklahoma Bombing was the same story - imploded from within: have Americans never been taught physics? When glass from windows lies on the OUTSIDE of a building, the explosion had to have come from within - not a car bomb on the outside, which was just used as the trigger for the main blast.

    In both instances important government staff did not show up for work, or were lifted by helicopter from the roof early in the morning. Who was responsible for the bullet holes in the walls of the 2nd floor, where banking staff were readying for the NESARA announcement? (incomplete - 2005 04 21)

    NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Original twin Towers
    Original twin Towers

    WTC Plan
    Plan of World Trade Center

    LINKS for in-depth study:

    NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Did this New York Times photo capture the power of healing music and prayers?


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      (full-length - 1 hr 19 minutes)
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