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UFO files opened
Are we alone?

Reporter: Glenn Connley
Broadcast Date: July 25, 2005


Are we alone? For the first time the accounts of people who believe they have seen UFOs are being made public.

Dominic McNamara, head of the Australian UFO Research Centre, has spent several years unlocking hundreds of restricted files from the government's top secret national archives. These files detail UFO sightings from outback drunks to military personnel.

There were even some people who said they had been beamed up and taken aboard friendly flying saucers.

According to the unlocked files, Woomera, in outback South Australia, had the highest rate of UFO sightings of anywhere in the world.

Woomera is an isolated, restricted government-owned military region where the Australian Department of Defence tested its aircraft, weaponry and rockets for decades.

As the military watched the skies they saw a lot more than their own planes. Now found and declassified, secrets are revealed, like the night the air force tested a plane called the Canberra.

"This object descended, came across the flight path of the Canberra, matched its speed, tracked with it ... and departed at a speed over 3,600 miles an hour," Mr McNamara said.

"In the early 1950s that just wasn't possible," he added.

Mr McNamara said there was little doubt many of the 1,800 files were deliberately hidden or made difficult to find.

For further information contact Dominic McNamara's X-Files hotline on (08) 8255 6568.

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