Some opinions on the Constitutions of Canada and the U.S.
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The Constitutions

Ken Wallace

The Canadian Constitution

"It is a voluminous document of confusion, a legal nightmare. It is apparent that the framers were unconcerned about our understanding of it and is therefor a document of control. Crafted by lawyers for lawyers, it's designed so that the average person does not understand it.

I never met a Canadian anywhere across this vast land that could tell me one single item of our constitution that they could remember or just how our constitution affects them. I have even spoken to several lawyers and they don't have any understanding of it either.

Ottawa has demonstrated its arrogance and disdain for us with this document. In his cozy year end interview with the CBC discussing the tax hell we are in, Mr. Chretien remarked 'dat deez Canadian people der disciplined' meaning that we are beaten and broken into subjection and that they can do any thing that they want to us with impunity. He is in control! We have no power, no voice and no way to be heard."

The American Constitution

"This constitution is a simple document that spells out the freedoms and rights of the people. Their framers intended to word it so that every American fully understands it! It is so simple that everybody worldwide understands it. This document in its simplicity separates America from all other nations as the only Land of the Free! We Canadians cannot say this.

Their constitution everybody understands. Our constitution - nobody remembers what's in it. I suggest to all concerned Canadians, and we all should be concerned over the incredible parliamentary mess that we find ourselves in, that you read again the American Declaration of Independence to refresh your memory. It is only a few pages. Take a good look at the horses, they tell the story in pictorial form. In the British Empire there were no citizens. All people in Britain and its colonies were British subjects! In Canada today we still have connection to the British Crown and are living under the curse of their parliamentary system. Because of this ongoing dilemma we are still treated as subjects of the Crown and to Ottawa. We are not Free!

America's incredible success is a direct result of their constitution. Canada's failure is also a direct result of our constitution and the failed parliamentary system. In a republic the supreme power is in the hands of the people.

The most powerful force in America is not their incredible and formidable military; it is not their immense economy; it is not their astounding scientific achievements; it is not their medical marvels; it is not their technical wizardry nor is it their amazing space exploration. It is their Constitution. That is the exact Constitution that we Canadians need to become independent and strong just as they are. They had to fight for it. We must fight for it at the ballot box."

The Canadian Senate & The American Senate

"Ever since Confederation the Canadian senates have been nothing short of a joke. Appointed senates cannot be representative or responsible government. At this time the conservative splinter groups are talking about elected senates. This is cheap rhetoric and shows a lack of understanding of a proper senate function. They are advocating elected provincial senators and then empower an un-elected Prime Minister to appoint those of his choosing to the federal senate.

In the US, the senate is very special. It is the senior governing body and its election is mid term so that it can be completely separated from the general assembly election. There are only 100 elected senators; therefore great interest is focused on them. The American senate is extremely hard working, processing legislation in final determination before it becomes law. This body is also the disciplining body that represents the people. They even impeach presidents and governors. This is a function that cannot be done in Canada.

Our Prime Minister and Premiers are not elected; therefore, they act with impunity. The weakness of the parliamentary system is that the government that does the real controlling of the people is unelected and that means that Canada is a government of Ottawa, by Ottawa, for Ottawa. Mr. Trudeau spelled out clearly when queried about the western provinces who were not represented effectively, without at the time even one Liberal MP elected in the four western provinces. He said, "If you want effective representation in this government you must send Liberals down to Ottawa. You elected us to rule you. If you don't like it, exercise your democratic right and vote us out in the next election." This means that in Canada we have been ruled by a virtual dictatorship between general elections and we are helpless to do anything about it.

The 2nd extremely important function of the US senate is this. The midterm election is the weathervane of their political system. Halfway into a President's term in office, the senate elections reflect the mood of the people. It is this phenomenon that keeps congress and the President on their toes! How different it is in Canada! They are a more active informed people than we are. There is a much closer relationship between the government and the people."

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