NESARA Statement
By St. Germain and Sananda Kumara

Statement of NESARA By St. Germain and Sananda Kumara

And Light Language GRID

Through Nancy Tate


St. Germaine, July 28, 2003

My dear ones, we have come to a time in this country when we must declare that we are no longer waiting for our freedom and justice to come forth and be announced. Because of that there has been a declaration made on this day that there be a dedication to the emergence of NESARA as soon as the allowance of that manifestation is complete.

I now announce to the United States of America and to the world that NESARA is therefore and forthwith in the hands of the people of the United States of America, and that they are in the process of bringing it into the direct manifestation of said law from the etheric plane in which the intent of this law has been manifested. This has come about through the energy intent of a grid of light language that has been written, and established on this day, July 28, 2003.

So, in this day of jubilation, we carry forth the promise that was laid down by your forefathers to bring the jurisprudence of the law into every home and every life of the citizens of these United states of America, and all of the citizens of the world. This we do declare and command in the name of God the Creator and all of the beings that are in existence at this time. For within these beings lives the essence of God the Creator, and therefore lives the citizenry of the Universal Order of Existence.

I am Master St. Germaine, and so here too is Master Sananda Kumara, in the year of our Lord 2003 AD.


NESARA- July 28, 2003 Light Language Grid

Information & Instructions for the Light Language Grid

“The National Economic Security and Reformation Act is Announced and Implemented Under God as United States of America law on, or before 15, December 2003.”

This Light Language Grid was built on July 26, 2003, and has reached completion, and is established on this day, July 28, 2003. It took a period of three days for the energy to manifest and set the intent. It is done; it is done!

The grid is written with the date of 15, December 2003 for the purposes of being able to manifest this law from the etheric realm in the time of the will of the people. Realize that this is a proposed date that was inspired from the physical realm, therefore it is directed by the Divine Will of the people of this planet Earth. It is within their power to close the gap of time and bring it forward to this date (July 28, 2003), which is to be considered NOW.

Under authorization of Master St. Germain, and Master Sananda Kumara


Instructions for the Facilitation of the Light Language Grid for NESARA

Scan the grid from the lower left, going up the first column, then down second column, up third column, etc. until you finish by scanning up the last, or seventh column. Feel the grid in place in your heart, and radiate it forth.

These symbols of sacred geometry instruct the spiritual energies to precipitate into the matter-physical world in resonance with the intent of this grid, which is the announcement and implementation of NESARA.

We encourage any of you who wish to copy this grid in FULL COLOR to assist with the manifestation process. The color is imperative for the effectiveness of the grid to work. We further encourage anyone to share this grid with those who will facilitate it for its purpose of bringing NESARA to full announcement and implementation NOW.

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