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Real representation at last

Future governments will not consist of politicians, who have their own agenda (or the agenda of those businesses financing them) but scientists, researchers and administrators - professionals in their field, which will bring stability and accountability back to government. Representatives will be chosen for their wisdom, experience and spiritual understanding. Those with ulterior motives will be known, and there will be no place for them in the administrative organizations.

Political parties will be a thing of the past. Representatives will represent the people rather than the party. Did you know that politicians must sign an agreement to vote as the party dictates rather than the people they 'represent'? This was confirmed in a court of law in Alberta, Canada, many years ago, when an individual was elected on his promise to oppose the proposed new G.S.T. (sales tax), but when he got to Ottawa he voted in favour of it. The people took him to court - and THEY lost! A signed piece of paper always takes precedence over verbal promises when it comes to a court of law.

The very word 'politician' has a criminal ring to it these days. Few voice their own opinions. It is said that members of the US House of Congress each received two million dollars to support one group in Congress. And British PM Tony Blair is said to have received personally $6 billion to side with President Bush in his war against Iraq. It has always been said that Money talks .....

The Bush Administration bribed Turkey and other countries to get their support in the U.N. for invading Iraq, and also threatened to withdraw foreign aid and impose other penalties if they didn't. (The $26 billion bribe failed to persuade the Turkish parliament.)

So how does a government keep its people from rebelling?

Bear in mind the four "Pillars of Control" - Fear, Guilt, Ignorance and Poverty.

The Church actually is the principal tool as it covers all four ...... Fear of God (rather than the Love of God; born into sin (Guilt); suppression of knowledge and the promotion of dis-information (Ignorance); tithing and many other demands for monies to support the activities of the church (resulting in Poverty)

All the controls on planet Earth originated from a Higher Race ("The Gods") who kept their knowledge to themselves and maintained the human races as their slaves. There were actually five races, distinguished still today by their colour. The 'Illuminati' (those with knowledge) diversified into several fields, each with complete control over the people. Royalty was one branch; the Church was another; and the International Bankers were probably the most active. The latter knew (as Rockefeller once stated publicly) that if you control the purse strings of a nation, it does not matter which politicians or 'parties' are in power. Money was their principal tool. combined with "interest". Money itself had no value - banks are the only institutions which do not practise double-entry book-keeping as there is no 'other side' to take into account - money is manufactured from 'thin air' and 95% of it today is 'electronic.' And it is constantly multiplied by interest - quite often compound interest.

Canada is the first country to rise up with a Class Action suit against the banks for creating Illegal Money. If you do not fully understand the fraud of MONEY and Bank Fraud, please read this (very long) article about the history and role of the Federal Reserve.

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