Due to coming DISCLOSURE
it is now unlikely that thsse landings will be necessary
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(updated 2009 07 08)

Sometime very soon (the time is given as 10 am on the first Saturday after the announcement of NESARA), and subject to the cancellation of existing military orders to fire on so-called 'UFOs'. the first public landing of aliens on planet Earth will take place in America and Canada.

[Update: 8th July 2009 - the landing will be more than 10 days after the announcement - Captain Helena has said that they will wait until the initial chaos has subsided and the public can more readily accept further events of an unexpected nature. This may also delay subsequent landings]

The official introduction of extra-terrestrial races will be in three stages.

Stage I is the landing of a single shuttle in two locations as described here
Stage II is the landing in other chosen locations, a few weeks after Stage I - see Stage II for more details
Stage III is "Open Contact" when extraterrestrials land openly to provide technical assistance, invite those interested to come onboard and appreciate the technology used by other races, and to cement friendship with humankind. This will take place about nine months after the first landing, according to Captain Helena.

[You may find variations on these terms and timings in other reports - there are many who do not have the full information or concentrate only on one aspect of the coming of ETs. The schedule has remained basically the same since it was first made known some years ago, and we keep in touch with the organisers of the whole operation, not ETs who would like to come down but are unaware of the procedures set by Aton and others ..... there have been a number of instances of this, making life uncomfortable for telepaths who took messengers at their word .....]

This first landing will last just thirty minutes. There may be fly-pasts over other cities to ensure that everyone can see for themselves that aliens come in peace and friendship.

The purpose of the first visit is threefold:

Starships are too large to land on the surface of the planet, so 'shuttles' are used. This shuttle will have about 45 occupants and comes from the mothership Capricorn, which has been assigned by the Galactic Federation to North America (other starships cover other areas worldwide) and there are 66 such shuttles on board used for Earth contact purposes. Most are about 100 feet in diameter and 28 feet high.

Three shuttles will descend from the mothership in triangular formation but only one will break-off and land.

As this is an historic event a marker will be placed to designate that this is where the First Official Landing took place. Later, funds might be sought to build a cairn or some other monument to remind us that this is where aliens first officially stepped foot on Planet Earth, both in USA and Canada.

During landing no person should come within 100 feet of the craft, which will descend vertically. After landing this minimum can be reduced to 50 feet, but as this first landing is designed specifically for the media, police assistance will be required to ensure that the public are kept at a safe distance.

Communication with the occupants is carried out entirely by telepathy, so telepaths will be present to translate messages from, and enquiries to, the visitors. In locations where no telepaths are available, there will be fly-pasts only.

For further information on these first landings see Salt Lake City and Vancouver and Other Landings for the Stage II Landings.

UPDATE - 26th October, 2006

[See also the new SEQUENCE OF EVENTS Page ..... ]

Rae - What will be happening with the shuttle landings, due to the revised plans for our immediate future?

Captain Helena - They will be displaced in time a bit. The two weeks of TV education and historical update for people (small smile) will take place, we will be watching closely the responses to that as it goes along. Tentative plans are to have our world-wide flyover during that period to reinforce what will be on the TV screen. The most important factors here are our safety, and especially our acceptance. The social atmosphere will contain much more turmoil than in our original plan, due to the enforced regime change and the TV programs. Our aim, as you know, is an introduction of ourselves and our mission. There HAS to be a situation of receptiveness to this. We may have to wait till after the Second Coming, though we think the TV programs will do the job (I see in your mind the phrase 'severe reality adjustment' {smile}).

This is a very thrilling time for us, despite the turn of events with the Illuminati. The sorely-needed actions can finally begin, to bring the planet and its people to their long-ordained destiny.


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