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The Courts, Judges and Lawyers of the Future

It had been hinted at before, but it was President Abraham Lincoln who came out publicly on 15th December 2005 in a telepathic message and stated clearly how law courts of the future would be run.

There would be NO LAWYERS! Well, think of the effect on the State of California, where it is claimed that 10% of its citizens are lawyers or attorneys!

It is goodbye to corrupt judges and lawyers - and few will be sorry to see them go.

In their place will be TEN JUST MEN in every community, elected by the residents of that community, who will hear complaints and pass judgment.

This fits in well with the return to Common Law. Of course it does not mean that those currently practising law or administering justice cannot become one of these selected TEN. There are many admirable judges and lawyers, but too often they have been squeezed out of practice by less honorable gentlemen.

This new courts will be kept busy for a long time .....

But one more thing should be said befiore we get to Abraham Lincoln's unexpected speech. With the return to common or constitutional law, all statute laws will be revoked. Gradually there will be an increase in telepathic ability. Eventually there will be nothing that can be hidden, and lawlessness will cease altogether. Sounds Utopian, but it will arrive sooner than most people think. Not necessarily overnight, but in time for many to think things over and adjust their attitudes.

Telepathy is perhaps best explained by considering the ability of an animal to sense fear in man, even when nothing is said and no actions are taken. Or when you meet someone for the first time, and for no apparent reason you either like them, or dislike them intensely. We call it a sixth sense, but in reality it is telepathy: thought transfer between individuals. Some are born with this ability, others must learn it and it is now being taught widely for the first time.

Now to the telepathic message from Abe Lincoln:-


continues to address



15th December 2005
through Helen Engel

PART ONE: 15th December, 2005 AM

There appears to be a crack in the wall of defences. The non-civil war may soon end. We have a prosecutor who is holding on tenaciously, and who will soon have the tentacles of the law around those who have perpetrated such injustice in our beloved land.

Let there be celebrations, and joyful parades, with people waving flags and sounding their horns. Victory is ours. We have won the battle.

Now comes time to win the peace. How many times has it occurred that the spoils of war also spoiled the peace? This time we shall plan, inch by inch, foot by foot, and mile by mile. Not one stone will be left unturned in our attempts to reach that which we aim for, which is the integrity of every man, woman and child to a free life of enjoyment and happiness.

One way to determine which step to take in making plans for reconstruction is to determine what went wrong in the first place. How could this have occurred, that we were so duped into false security that our way of life was taken away from us? How could this have been prevented?

The forces of dark cannot be seen in the daylight.

(long pause)

The forces of dark cannot be seen in the daylight.

Therefore it is necessary to root them out. We will look into every nook and cranny, peer into every hole, in our search for those who have done any injustice to our land and to our people.

How will we deal with them? As they have dealt with us? No, thank God. They will be treated fairly, but justly. We will have Truth Committees in every city, in every town; we will have town meetings, where those must confess to all that they have done. Will we forgive them? Yes we will, because we are people of God, and God forgives.

It will soon be time to begin to set up Truth Committees. You may do it in this manner. Ten people can meet in a home, or in a church or in the local pool hall, and talk about a Truth Committee. If all 10 of those people are of the dark, they will not want a Truth Committee, and they will make no suggestions. Ten more people will meet in like manner. Perhaps two of them will want a Truth Committee. Those two will have another meeting, and perhaps four more will come forth, making six for the Committee. Finally you will have 10.

The next move is to plan your strategy. A Truth Committee announces to the community the date of the first meeting, the place, the time. All members of the community are invited to attend. Who will turn out? Most persons who will attend will have no guilt in their heart. How will you persuade the guilty to attend?

We now come to the painful part. Each citizen will speak for himself, and explain how he has been wronged. A recorder will write down the accusations, and the name or names of the accused. This procedure will be continued on a regular basis, say once a week, until all of the persons in the community who feel that they have been wronged, have come forth, with the names of their accused.

The first 10 members of the Truth Committee, or others whom they may wish to select, will meet and plan a strategy. It will consist of a method to bring each accused forth.

The next item is the selection of judges. These will not be judges of the law, nor need they be lawyers. These will be judges of the people.

That is sufficient for today. I urge all who read this, to spread the word to your community, and to begin finding your first Ten Just Men. If you wish, copy my words and discuss them, and make your plans accordingly. Try to have the majority of the process in place by the end of January 2006.

Be at peace, Soldiers of Truth. Be prepared to forgive and to reconcile. We are on the home stretch. We are heading home.

May the sun shine on America once more.

I am Abraham Lincoln, and my Messenger stands beside me, with a pure heart and a loving soul.

PART TWO: 15th December, 2005 PM

There is a time for frivolity and a time for serious work. Usually frivolity in the midst of serious work adds to the scheme of things.

When the Truth Committees begin to form over the land, we will be receiving many questions. That is good. Questions are an excellent manner by which to learn something specific.

On the agenda will be questions as to who will chair a Truth Committee. A Truth Committee is a group. A group does not require a chairman, but it does need a temporary facilitator. A facilitator usually calls the meeting to order, sets up a small agenda, explains the purpose of the meeting.

In this case there may be people present who are unfamiliar with the conduct of a meeting. Therefore if there is someone in the Committee who has experience in conducting a meeting, ask that person to act as facilitator until others learn the technique.

One of the techniques of a group that operates in tandem, is to limit the time of speaking to perhaps two minutes. A simple clock and a timekeeper will serve adequately.

Another important function of a recorder is to take notes of what decisions were made. Voting can be done by a show of hands, a nod of the head, or a paper ballot. Do not meet for more than two hours. One hour should be sufficient.

If there are questions about how to bring up the matter of the Truth Committee, write to the contactee whose name is given.

Now we go to the topic of self-aggrandizement. I ask all members of the Truth Committee to be humble in their pursuit of truth. Do not follow the tactics of the violent TV shows. Follow the kindly mannerisms of the Buddhic people. Be silent, speak softly. You will be dealing with expressions of pain and suffering. This requires tact and gentleness.

When a person stands or sits with you, who has been accused of wrongdoing, do not expose him to ridicule nor draw out his offences. The fact that he has appeared before you is a great punishment. To be accused by one's own fellow citizens is painful. Be kind. Perhaps you are guilty of small transgressions yourself. Our aim is for tolerance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and justice.

When the accused appear before you, spend some time in silence. The facilitator may begin the session with silence, stating that he is allowing each person to connect with his Creator in whatever form that may be.

When an accuser accuses his fellow citizen, what is the accused allowed to say? Allow him to speak his truth.


I am very much aware that there are scoundrels in our community who have done numerous wrongs. Because a flow of funds will be coming to all American citizens, much of the pain that has been felt, will automatically be alleviated. This means that you need not be as harsh as you would need to be if the accuser continues to suffer at the hands of the accused. If the accuser is repaid, even from some other source, then I ask both accuser and accused to reconcile, and to begin again.

What am I teaching you? I am teaching you forgiveness. This is what the man Jesus came to teach. If we follow that teaching, our country will renew itself in a very short time.

I leave you now. Please meditate upon my words and take them into your heart. We shall conquer together.

I am Abraham Lincoln. Heaven is pleading our cause.

April 25, 2003 Dove Report:

"Today the World Court sent out orders to dozens of leaders of countries ordering them to adopt Common Law a month after NESARA's announcement. The adoption of Common Law worldwide is important to maintaining stability and smooth transitions as NESARA's international impacts on banking and legal systems roll out across the world.

Interestingly, about two years ago the French Finance Minister was seen on a satellite television network saying that the entire world would be experiencing prosperity and would be under the same Common Law. That was one of those hints about NESARA which frequently has occurred once but was not repeated in American news.

I recently read that it's estimated there are over one billion - 1,000,000,000 - laws on the books in the U.S. In the current statutory legal system if you break one of these one billion laws but don't know it, that's not a legal defence. How could anyone reasonably be expected to know all one billion laws in the U.S.? Obviously, the current U.S. legal system is overloaded with laws and unreasonable assumptions.

When NESARA is announced, every court will be immediately closed and all judges will be required to attend training in Constitutional Law. All law enforcement personnel and others connected with law enforcement will also be required to attend Constitutional Law training. The basics of Constitutional Law are things all of us should be able to understand fairly easily and there will be public education provided to us in the media and other ways. The change over to Constitutional Law is expected to occur about one month after NESARA's announcement. Cases pending will have to be resubmitted under Constitutional Law. Many people in prison for things like income tax issues which are not crimes under Constitutional Law will be released from prison within 60 days after NESARA's announcement. [these times will be speeded up]</i>

The 1993 U.S. Supreme Court case rulings which are embodied in NESARA found that the so-called income tax amendment to the Constitution had never been ratified. Fraudulent paperwork was used to back up the federal government's false contention that the income tax amendment had been ratified by the required number of states.

The restoration of Constitutional Law also requires that all judges, law enforcement, and others MUST attend educational seminars and learn about Constitutional Law. All courts will be closed for at least one month while these Constitutional Law seminars are being conducted.

Any court cases in process will have to be re-filed using Constitutional Law foundations; many cases now clogging up the court systems will no longer be valid court cases under Constitutional Law. In addition, many people who have been imprisoned under unconstitutional laws such as income tax laws, will be released from prison within weeks after NESARA is announced. There will also be educational seminars on television regarding Constitutional Law which is based on Common Law and we all will be learning about this."

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