otherwise known as the "Reformation Act"
NESARA INTERNATIONAL: The Routemaster dies on 2005 12 07 - end of the London Bus


Probably the most devastating effect that NESARA will have will be on the people of Britain. Nowhere else in the world is there so much loyalty and devotion to Royalty.

When information comes out about the true activities and purpose of the Royal Family, one can expect the hospitals to be filled with those suffering from heart-attacks .................

There are many remnants of the old feudal system in every day life. Imagine your family living in your 'home' for several generations, spending as much as £50,000 recently on renovations - and being given notice to quit without a penny's compensation. Not possible? Read the October 2003 report on the return of the "Highland Clearances" in Scotland!

One of the other peculiarities of Britain is that all salmon, deer and swans belong to the Queen. 'Poaching' salmon in Scotland does not mean preparing them for the evening meal, but rather catching them without paying the Queen for the privilege ....

There are not too many people today that would eat the meat of the Swan (at least, not more than once .....), but this goes back many generations and was one more public indication that the people were an inferior species. Often referred to as the "plebs" even today - the Latin termination for the common man.

With the income tax elimination would also go the "death duties" tax, otherwise known as estate taxation, which eliminated so many people in the upper middle class, or even higher, as there was a high rate of duty levied on the value of a person's assets upon death. At one time it only affected the very rich, but now it is called the Inheritance Tax. See an August 2003 report on the widening of its scope.

Comments attributed to Archangel Michael:, January 2004:
"Before the actual transfer of power can take place from the current and corrupt "Bush/Illuminati/Dark Agenda Regime", all appropriate parties must be served with the proper "walking papers" by U.S. Marshals in the United States and the proper Civil Authorities in other countries around the world (most especially Great Britain).

"The United Kingdom will witness the arrest and incarceration of the Royal Family, beginning with The Queen (The TOP Reptilian Illuminati on the planet), Prince Philip (her husband); Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Princess Margaret, Prince Edward and his wife, Prince Andrew (former husband of Fergie, but NOT Fergie) and many other members of the Royal family, as well as Tony Blair and many others in the Parliament. The exceptions will be Prince William and Prince Harry, both of whom are "Crystal Children" (both were born with all 12-strands of DNA fully intact and activated). As the Queen and Prince Charles are arrested for crimes against humanity, as well as co-conspirators in the murder of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, Prince William will be crowned King. His FIRST official act as the King of England will be the immediate and permanent dissolution of the British Monarchy. William Windsor will replace Tony Blair as the Prime Minister of Great Britain. William's younger brother, Harry, is NOT the son of Charles and Diana. Prince Harry IS the son of Princess Diana but his father is Diana's polo playing boyfriend (the redhead). Never before has there ever been a royal redhead! Prince Harry will become Great Britain's first official representative to the European Union; Great Britain will adopt the Euro as its official currency and peace shall reign throughout Europe."

A different quote (Jennifer Lee report, 10 Jan 2004)
"The House of Windsor is not the true bloodline of royalty! These ones really are the Reptilian Controllers who usurped 'The Throne' from the bloodlines of The Merovingian Kings and Queens who will now be returned to their true place."

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