What then?

Post-NESARA Times

(written 2005, revised July 2008)

NESARA brings most of the world's people increased prosperity, liberty, peace,
and more knowledge, which enables them to flourish.

This series of articles was written in 2005 and updated from time to time as fresh information, or revised plans, were released. Some articles originally concentrated on Canada, but the comments apply to all Western countries and many others as well. This compilation is intended to act as a reference to what can be expected when the announcement is finally broadcast on TV and radio. Check "The Sequence of Events" at for further updates. Compare this with the original 1984 article entitled "Winds of Change".
Times will be different. In fact we will be taking a quantum leap into a brave, new world. There will be a complete restructuring of society, and especially the business world. There will be those who cannot or will not accept the new conditions on the planet and form a separate society, which will not be long-lived. For the others, this is the beginning of the Golden Age. A time of Peace, not War: when the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb?.

We have been told by St Germain that, because of the long delay in implementing NESARA, post-NESARA activities will be greatly speeded up. The worldwide program should have been in place by 15th December 2003. There have been delays in getting as many as possible of the Dark Forces to join the Light before the announcement is made. But this too is just the beginning to the Golden Age: there is much more to come.

What will be 'speeded up'? One can only conjecture. One of the principal benefits, to be implemented within one to four months after the implementation of NESARA, is the realignment of prices world-wide, so most likely that would be one benefit brought forward for implementation. (since then St Germain has reckoned that this might take three to nine months after the announcement)

One of the most amazing improvements that rolls out from NESARA and across the world is that all people worldwide will eventually have the same rights that Americans have when NESARA restores the Constitution and Bill of Rights to law of the land (Common Law rather than statute law). 180 countries have signed treaties to implement N.E.S.A.R.A.

There are many individuals who will take no part in this Golden Age and will be transferred to other parts of the universe, their transgressions having exceeded the bounds set for qualifying for forgiveness, or they may indeed have no regret for the part which they played (someone asked whether this included figure-skating judges?!)

There have been many prophecies of catastrophic earth changes about this current time (even before now). We are assured on good authority that times have changed and this in the main will not happen to the extent originally foreseen, but only because mankind has made great strides in spiritual advancement. Prophecy is always seen from the point of view of the time when the prophecy is made, but subsequent events can - and often do - alter these foreseen events. This is not a 'failed prophecy': the nature of prophecy has to be understood. For more specific details, see -

1. Cost of Living - Changing Values 10. Health
2. Business 11. Science
3. The Church and the Second Coming 12. Sports
4. Common Law and Future Justice 13. Technology in General
5. Communications 14. Transportation
6. Construction techniques 15. War and Weapons of War
7. Education 16. Weather
8. Meeting with ETs 17. The Freedom of the Press
9. Government: no more Politicians 18. The World after NESARA
The Coming of the GOLDEN AGE

See also: "Looking down the road with St Germain: 2008


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