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Preparations for the days to come -

22nd December 2005

through Helen Engel

Collective: What a joy it is to be invited to speak to the people of earth. It is as if we are gathered in a great hall, and we are awaiting the moment when the microphone opens, and we may send you greetings.

Greetings to all on earth. Greetings to those profound workers who have dedicated life after life, after life in service. You are numerous, and you are glorious, and you are appreciated.

We are able to send you some assistance from time to time. When you do not listen to us, we penetrate your consciousness and by-pass your thinking for a short period of time, and then when you begin to think, we crystallize what we have penetrated into thought, and you feel that you have just received a wonderful idea. That is as it should be; however, when the days come that thousands of earthlings will be able to communicate with us in a telepathic manner, the conversations will be much more intelligent.

We could speak on this on a long period of time, but there are others who will teach. Let us therefore go into the topic at hand, and the topic at hand is Preparation for the Days to Come. Today we will consider Education. What is wrong with the educational system as it now stands? Does it teach children to think? Does it teach them to make decisions, and to see the result of their decisions? Does it take them to new paths of learning and discovery? Does it assist them to see the earth in all its wonderment? These are the tasks that will be laid forth for the educators in the days to come. There will be great educators who already have this vision, and will bring it forth. These are the ones whom we are calling today - the scientific educators - but they must teach the new science. Therefore they must learn the new science.

The educators of health - how to become healthy and remain healthy. An arduous task, but it can be done. The educators with regard to the preservation of earth - there are many who are now prepared. They need only to get together as a Council, all over the world, from a little farm on which there runs a tiny creek, to the thundering waterfalls in Africa, all must work together to renew the splendor of earth. Many have the knowledge, but very few have the means to spread the knowledge, and this will come about in the months to come. The teachers must be ready to disseminate the knowledge in a manner that is convenient for all. One of those is the Internet, and the other is Television.

Now we will speak about animal husbandry, and the protection of the creatures of the earth. This too is a great science, and the children need to be able to see the butterflies, see the beetles, look at the fish, understand their interdependence, one on the other. This too can be done through the medium of the Internet and the Television.

And the list goes on and on. The material is there; it only needs to be coordinated and disseminated. Who will find the educators, and who will discuss with them? That is what we are about to begin to discuss - the HOW TO of group action. May we suggest that one group of perhaps six persons in Canada, contact a group in Norway, and a group in Germany, and they have a few chats, perhaps on the Internet e-mail services. A plan may evolve, of how to bring in other countries - a plan, and a platform, and a design, and a method of action.

We do not mean to press upon you more than you can handle. We only mean to lay a foundation, so that when you are ready to pick up this message, you will know what to do. The methods are the same for all categories. Begin with a small group, add another, and spread out. The finances will come from the Humanitarian or the Prosperity Funds that will soon be available, and you may look for a source through which to obtain those funds. This can be done in the coming months, and when the funds are procured, there will be a feeling of excitement, because you will be able to travel to each country, visit with the other leaders, and lay the groundwork.

We in heaven know the plan. We are sending it to earth, and are asking you to use your own imagination, as if it is already in operation. You will need a TV crew, web masters, for which the funds will be provided. It is the intelligence that is now being collected.

As the knowledge filters down, each person will want to contribute, and that will be good. Therefore you might devise a means of exchange of thought, for it is in the exchange of thought, that people grow.

While we do not have all of the answers, we may have a few, and if you wish to send questions to us, we shall attempt to answer your questions.

We greet you again on this day of days, and send you our love.

We are the Collective. That is all.

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