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"Speak out now!"
and prepare for great changes

6th April, 2006

through Lauren

My child, we are together in a state of joy and despair. Joy for what is to come, despair for what currently exists. We feel the pain of each of you and it is difficult to bear sometimes. Because of this we are strongly urging those of you who have a leg up in government affairs to come forth at this time to support the changes. We are in need of those who can make a difference to find the courage to speak up for the sake of all. We realize that this is no small request, however there are those of you who are programmed to step forward at this time and we wish to activate those souls immediately. Please pass a message along to others that there is great pain and suffering in your world that must end now. Not only are humans needlessly suffering but the well being of our great mother is suffering immensely as well. There is an urgency in my tone because these are urgent times and therefore I plead with all of you who may have some influence to please stand up. You know who you are and we are behind you all the way. You are protected by legions of angels and Light beings and no harm will come upon you. You are safe now to express yourselves now freely and many are counting on your bravery.

We also wish to express that the coming times will enter your domain with great force and it is our wish that you all be duly prepared for the changes. By this we mean having a firm connection with earth and knowing your position in all of this. Your firm decision needs to be imprinted in the energetic grids of earth now. This means you will have to firmly understand what you believe in and take responsibility for your understanding of it. You can no longer believe only if you are persuaded by outward signs, you must dig deep within and have the resolve regardless of external proofs. We say this now because soon your decisions will be imperative for the entrance of this magnitude of energy that will be coming to earth with rapid speed.

When the time arrives you will all know your place and you will have an opportunity to share your understanding with others. This is why we say to you, know your position. Know how you will express this information to others and know how they will respond. Have a backup plan, and know how you will greet each of their fears. Know how you will comfort those in despair and know how you will give them feelings of safety in these uncertain times.

Though the plan is Creator's will, how it manifests is up to you. This is our role as masters, to prepare each of you to prepare each other. We can only do this by allowing you to make the choices, but the information that we provide you with will allow you decide with knowledge. It is our hope and desire that each of you will become who you came here to be.

The road has been bumpy and long but is coming to a rapid close and when it does, there will be a new road opened up for all. It is up to you, my dear children of faith, to guide your fellow brothers and sisters to this new path, the FREEway to paradise. On this freeway are many challenges for all to take part in and succeed with. Know that you will all take great pride in creating your new earth and together you will have enough collective talent and energy to move mountains, and we mean this literally.

The earth will change form in many ways and the land that you know now will be a new land for most. This new land will cater abundantly to your needs the way you will cater to hers. The great mother has asked that we all be prepared for the influxes that may arise and we will do our part to assist her while assisting each of you to be aware.

The times ahead are too vast to explain in words, however, you will all know exactly what to do when they arrive. In the meantime, please allow for yourselves to come to complete terms with the magnitude of it all, on every level. We cannot stress this enough, that to consider the changes you must consider every aspect. Noting how it will affect you, your loved ones, your neighbors, your communities, your societies, your country, and your world. To imagine all of this in advance will be to allow the coming times to enter with ease into your lives. This ease will greatly impact the ways in which your world feels the effects.

Your roles as Lightworkers are very important in the coming times, though they will be times of great joy for you. You will no longer suffer the hardships of carrying so many amidst. For now it will be up to each and every soul to determine their journey and you will be the resources to assist them to their final destination. With your abilities, you will help many and many of us will be among you in your endeavors to assist. I am delighted to be part of something so amazing and know that I too have a role to play in this grand event. I will be making my way to each of you who call on me and will offer blessings of loving support. There are many of you who already receive my blessings and know the effect the light has upon you. Call to us in times of need and call to us to share your joy, for we are all one. In the coming days and weeks we will undoubtedly be drawn together in unprecedented ways.

May the light of heaven shine upon all of you as we guide you to the entrance of the Golden Age. Blessings.

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